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Our products – made for the community – to warn people, help them and make them happy.

We can't change the weather

...but we can predict it! The weather is our daily partner in all things we do.


We cannot delete the storms on earth, but we can help you to prepare. Weather can be dangerous. Storms, lightnings, rain and snow can destroy your home – can hurt people. Our warnings always help you to know what lies ahead.

– After a storm comes a calm –


Music brings together...

The DarkAwards is our dark corner. So far it has brought 24 nations.


Metal for the power, Gothic for the darkness. Our music award takes place since 2014. Artists from all over the world celebrate it with us – including well-known bands from great labels.

– Take a breath and carry on –


See the world live

Reportline shows, you see. Live from the stages of the German Rallye Competition and the WRC!


Look! ...if the best of the best are fighting for the first place! Reportline is the first live broadcasting channel which transmits the events of the German Rallye Competition.

– Design. Our 5th element. –

Hot Chili!:

Our design market

Hot Chili! ...b2b solutions in terms of design


Business cards, leaflets, booklets and posters. We design print products according to your wishes. No matter weather it's a simple or a complicated print.

– Very flat. Very big. Welcome to the 21st century! –


Discover the mobile...

MobileBot: Unboxing | Smartphones | Tablets | Smartwatches | Bands


We test mobile devices for you and choose the winners of our mobile world. Choose your favorites of over 170 manufacturers of the world.

– Ready for the biggest thing in Europe? –


Weather from the biggest volcano in Europe!

Weather data from the biggest volcano in Hessen, Germany and Europe.


The Vogelsberg is with a an area of 2500 m² the biggest region of volcanic activities in Europe. The climate is windy and seasonal very cold.

Holidays and adventures on Europe's largest volcanic massif!

Find mountains, rocks, rivers and lakes.


The Vogelsberg is with a an area of 2500 m² the biggest region of volcanic activities in Europe. You can find natural paths which are perfect for hiking and biking.

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