ArtifexMedia is an international organisation based in Herbstein / Osthessen / Germany focused on

meteorology, news and entertainment. It was founded on January 13th, 2012.


The first project "Unwetter24.net" was already planned in December 2011.

Unwetter24.net was in the beginning a free non-commercial weather service.


In November 2013 the concept was changed.

In future more data should be offered free of charge.

In order to finance the service, advertising has been embeded in all products.


At the same time a new project was planned: The DarkAwards.

The DarkAwards should be an award for artists of the dark genres, where everyone can vote.

For the first time, ArtifexMedia looked beyond Germany's borders.


The preparations continued until October 2014.

In December 2014, awards were held for the first time.


In 2016 many new features were released on Unwetter24.net,

inter alia an interactive radar and a new warning system.


2017 ArtifexMedia planned the new project "HotChili!". It should produce printing products like business cards or leaflets for business in the future.








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